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You see the web page for an unreleased game.

The web page gives you scant information, save for some vague talk about an attempt to explore exclusively text-based storytelling through hybrid first person and point-and-click style mechanics.

"In the Snowy Winter's Wake," it tells you, "is a fantasy adventure, telling the tale of an adventurer who becomes trapped in a snowy mountain pass."

With very little in the way of introduction, the page presents you with download links for an early demo build, available for Linux, Mac OS and Windows from and IndieDB. As an aside, the page also presents you with a link to press information, and the Icicle Engine's website.

Winter's Wake

You see a small collection of strange visual media that the page claims will give some insight into development progress.

Concept Introduction

Early Gameplay Video 1

Dev Stream 1 (contains spoilers)

Dev Stream 2 (contains spoilers)

Dev Stream 3 (contains spoilers)

The only other details you can see mention the game having origins in something called '7DFPS' and its future being supported by 'Patreon'.